Charles Baden-Fuller is the Centenary Professor of Strategy and leader of the Strategy Group at Cass, ranked Global Top Ten by the Financial Times MSc survey of 2009 and second in the world for corporate strategy by the Financial Times 2011 survey. Charles has been elected Fellow of the Strategic Management Society, and is also a senior fellow at the Wharton School, U. Pennsylvania.

Profess Baden-Fuller holds degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Oxford, Cornell, and London School of Economics. He has worked at Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, the London Business School, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and the University of Bath. And he has been Editor-in-Chief of Long Range Planning (1999 to 2010).

Professor Baden-Fuller has made major contributions to knowledge in the field of strategy: in particular, why firms become mature and how they can be rejuvenated; on the theory and practice of alliances; on the role of cognition in management competitive dynamics; and on what are business models and how they work. He has also had a significant impact on policy in mature firms and in firms in the field of High Technology (especially Biotechnology). His current research examines Business Models: what they are, how they can be improved and how they can be deployed in an increasingly digitalized world. In particular, he investigates business model from a managerial cognitive perspective, which is funded by ESPRC (EP/K039695/1)